My name is Sam Hram. I am professional fitness trainer who qualified at University of East London at sports department in Docklands.

I have a passion for fitness and healthy eating for many years, way before I started uni. What I love about it is that I can work out 7 days a week and eat various healthy foods to support my health and my training. My diets are working. However, my diet might not be right for you. That’s why whenever a new person hires me, I observe that person, ask various lifestyle questions so I can create diet plan tailored for them individually.

Now, I know for the fact, that working out at the gym and exercising alone is not going to help you lose weight or gain muscles. You really need to consider the diets. Within a year, you can easily drop 50 lbs without much exercising … just dieting alone.

So, with this in mind, I decided to create this blog where I will be sharing tips for diets, workouts and supplements for pre-workout sessions. Expect good shit from me!