Ketosis is where your body raises blood ketone levels to use in energy production instead of glycogen. This occurs after three days or so on a ketogenic diet. The process can be sped up slightly using exogenous ketones. But what are exogenous ketones, and how do you add them to your diet?

Ketones are naturally produced in the liver, and are used by the body to produce energy. They work in the same way as glycogen, and are slightly more efficient at their job. There are three types of ketones produced in the body: Acetone, Acetoacetic Acid, and Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB). After reducing carbohydrates to less than 5% of your calories for a few days your body will enter ketosis.

The ketones produced in your liver are known as endogenous ketones. Exogenous ketones are ones that are produced outside of the body. They are almost always made from BHB. There are two forms of exogenous ketones that you can purchase, either ketone esters or ketone salts. Most companies use ketone salts because they taste about a thousand times better! Ketone esters are slightly better though.

You should be adding exogenous ketones to your diet before training, their main function is to provide an alternative energy source to carbohydrates. Perfect for use as a pre-workout.



Adding Exogenous Ketones to your diet